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Our founder and Chief Optometrist, Dr. Hymowitz continues to work and provide the latest innovative products in the field of contact lenses. He is known to be an expert contact lens fitter, especially with patients who have a corneal eye disease. Dr. Hymowitz has years of experience fitting contact lenses for keratoconus cases, eye astigmatism, post lasik and RK corneas, as well as multifocal contact lenses. Scroll down to see a few of our featured products.

What is a hybrid contact lens?

A hybrid contact lens offers the “best of both worlds” for everyday patients as well as for patients with compromised corneas. Hybrid lenses are a familiar size (the same as a soft lens) and deliver clear, crisp vision from a GP (or “rigid” lens) center and comfort from the soft material that surrounds the GP. 

UltraHealth is designed for patients with irregular cornea conditions. UltraHealth contact lenses are made with materials that deliver high levels of oxygen to the eye and promote all-day tear exchange.

UltraHealth Contact Lenses—The Healthy Vision Choice for Irregular Corneas

UltraHealth offers a combination of vision, comfort and convenience from the newest and most advanced hybrid contact lens. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the crisp vision of a gas permeable (GP) contact lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens.

Clear Vision and Comfort

Enjoy clear, crisp vision from the GP center of the lens and comfort from the soft outer portion of the lens. Ideal for all-day wear due to the continuous flow of tears underneath the lens during the day.

Hassle-Free Wear

Reduce the hassles in your life. UltraHealth is a familiar size… the same as a soft lens, making it easier to handle. And, the soft part of the lens holds the lens in your eye and helps keep the debris out. 

Healthy & Refreshing

The advanced design allows for a healthy flow of tears to circulate under the lens with each and every blink. The new materials allow more oxygen to flow through the lens to your eye.

Sun Protection

Enjoy added sun protection from the UVA and UVB blocker in the lens.

Make an appointment today and see if UltraHealth is right for you!

What is ClearKone®?

ClearKoneRemember when you had only two choices in contact lenses? “Hard” (RGP) lenses provided good vision, but were often irritating and uncomfortable. Soft lenses offered good comfort, but couldn’t correct your vision problems. Now, a technological breakthrough makes having to compromise a thing of the past. ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses offer all the benefits of rigid gas permeable (RGP) and soft contact lenses without any of the disadvantages for an overall GREAT contact lens experience.
ClearKone® is an FDA-cleared hybrid contact lens specifically designed for the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal irregularities. Using a revolutionary technology, ClearKone® combines the best of both worlds – the crisp vision of a high-oxygen rigid RGP contact lens with the all-day comfort and convenience of a soft lens.
ClearKone® is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with the many types and stages of keratoconus. Because the ClearKone® lens vaults over the cornea, there’s minimal risk of corneal scarring, making ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses a healthy treatment option for keratoconus. In addition, the soft skirt of the ClearKone® design helps to center the contact lens over the visual axis regardless of where the cone is located on the cornea or how large it is, thereby decreasing visual distortions and providing superior vision. The ClearKone® design also prevents dirt from getting under the lens and will not pop out unexpectedly. No other contact lens available today can provide all of these benefits in a single product.
How does ClearKone® work?
The surface of an irregular cornea is just that – irregular. The “peaks and valleys” of an irregular cornea pose a special challenge when it comes to vision correction options. Contact lenses with a rigid surface are the undisputed gold standard for restoring vision to irregular cornea patients. A rigid surface over an irregular cornea mimics a spherical (normal) eye, allowing the light to focus properly on the eye to provide clear vision.
The ClearKone® lens has a rigid center that creates a smooth uniform surface. The way the lens vaults over the cornea allows a layer of tears to form between the back surface of the rigid center and the eye. The tear layer fills in the “peaks and valleys” allowing light to focus properly to provide crisp, clear vision. The ClearKone® fitting approach called “vaulting” allows doctors to simply increase the depth of the contact lens over the cornea depending on how steep or severe the individual patient’s keartoconus is. The ClearKone® vault system comes in 11 different choices and therefore can accommodate even the most severe forms of keratoconus. Your doctor will choose a vault that just clears your cone so the RGP portion of ClearKone® does not bear on the surface of your cone, virtually eliminating the chances of corneal scarring.
An important element of the ClearKone® design is the soft skirt. Not only does the soft skirt provide exceptional all-day comfort and prevents dirt from getting under the lens, it also contributes to the excellent vision achievable in ClearKone®. RGP lenses alone can move around on the eye, often “centering” on the steepest part of the cornea where the cone is located which is generally not in alignment with the visual axis of the patient. This decentering of the RGP contact lens off of the visual axis results in distorted vision, halos and glare and less than optimal visual acuity for the patient. Because the ClearKone® lens has a soft skirt, the optical center of the contact lens is held in place centered on the eye and most importantly in line with the visual axis of the patient. This is why patients often report much better visual acuity in the ClearKone® lens and a marked improvement in the quality of the vision they can achieve in ClearKone®.
The unique design of the ClearKone® lens combines the best features of other contact lens designs into a single lens, while eliminating many of the issues that each individual lens can pose.
Why ClearKone®?
ClearKone® is an award-winning treatment for keratoconus and is optimized to effectively restore vision to a large majority of patients with keratoconus, without compromising comfort or eye health – even in the most challenging cases.
•   Preferred by Eye Care Professionals Nationwide:
  • Practitioners rate ClearKone® a 9 our of 10 on visual acuity
  • Practitioners rate ClearKone® an 8 out of 10 on comfort
•   Clear and crisp vision
•   Practitioners report that 94% of patients rate the vision they get with ClearKone® the same as or better than RGPs.
•   All day comfort:
  • Practitioners report that 93% of patients prefer the comfort of ClearKone® over RGPs
  • HydrolEyes™ surface treatment keeps the lenses moist and comfortable all day
•   Healthier:
  • ClearKone® doesn’t rest on the cornea, minimizing rubbing and making the chances of scarring almost non-existent
•   Improved wearing time:
  • 95% of patients can wear ClearKone® lenses longer during the day than previous lenses
•   Gold Medal Award “Most Innovative Product of 2009″

•   FDA Cleared
Duette Hybrid Contact Lenses
Duette Hybrid Contace LensesRemember when you had only two technology choices in contact lenses? “Soft” lenses were the most comfortable but sometimes provided less-than-optimal vision, especially if you have astigmatism. “Hard” (rigid gas permeable) lenses were best for sharp, clear vision, but were often irritating and uncomfortable.
Now, new breakthrough technology offers the preferred choice – hybrid contact lenses – that make having to choose between vision and comfort a thing of the past.
Duette™ is the ideal choice if you want both clear vision and comfortable lenses. Duette™ combines two types of contact lens materials - a rigid gas permeable center and a soft skirt - into one unique “hybrid” lens. The rigid center corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism and delivers clear, high definition vision…even at night. The soft skirt provides the all-day comfort of a soft lens.
Who is a good candidate for Duette™ Hybrid Contact Lenses?
  • Anyone looking for amazing vision correction:
  • People who have astigmatism
  • People who are near or farsighted
  • Soft/Soft toric lens wearers looking for the best possible vision and comfort both day and night that is free from blur
  • RGP wearers looking for better comfort
  • Those with active lifestyles, playing sports, or who need sharp, consistent HD vision
  • First time contact lens wearers, or those who tried contacts in the past but were dissatisfied
Now is the time to experience the New Way to See. Call today to make an appointment to see if Duette is right for you!

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